Gluten-Free Foods List : 145 foods without Gluten

If you came across this post you probably asking yourself if a certain food is gluten-free, as my wife turned gluten-free she started to check every product labels, sometimes even packaged vegetables !  to help you save time I decided to list on this post every existing gluten-free food I Hope it will be helpful to you,   don't forget to bookmark this webpage so you can access to it easier so let's start with our list of 145 gluten-free foods.
Gluten Free Food List  Handy Visual

Gluten-Free food List

Gluten-Free Fruits List

Gluten-Free Fruits (A to L) Gluten-Free Fruits (M to Z)
Apple Mandarine
Apricot Mango
Avocado Melon
Banana Nectarine
Bilberry Orange
Blackberry Peach
Blackcurrant Pear
Blueberry Physalis
Breadfruit Pineapple
Cantaloupe Pitaya
Cherimoya Plum/prune
Cherry (dried plum)
Clementine Pomegranate
Currant Pomelo
Damson Purple
Date Mangosteen
Dragonfruit Raisin
Durian Rambutan
Eggplant Raspberry
Elderberry Redcurrant
Feijoa Rock melon
Gooseberry Salal berry
Grape Satsuma Star fruit
Grapefruit Strawberry
Guava Tangerine
Honeydew Tomato Ugli fruit
melon Watermelon
Huckleberry Western
Jackfruit raspberry (blackcap)
Jambul Williams pear
Kiwi Ziziphus mauritiana

Gluten-free Grains

  1. The gluten-free Grains are the following: 
  2. Amaranth 
  3. Buckwheat 
  4. Corn Millet 
  5. Montina (Indian rice grass) 
  6. Quinoa 
  7. Rice 
  8. Sorghum 
  9. Teff 
  10. Wild Rice

Gluten-Free Dairy Products

all milk-based products are naturally gluten-free however manufacturers can put additives in them that contain gluten, therefore, For Dairy products, you should always check ingredients listing, also don't forget that if you have lactose intolerance, consuming milk-based products can have bad side effects.
Dairy products include the following:

  1. yogurts 
  2. Eggs 
  3. Butter 
  4. Cheese watch out for "beer washed" cheeses
  5. Ice Cream 

Meats, Seafood, and Nuts

All non-processed, Meats Seafoods and nuts are gluten Free otherwise check the ingredients list for obvious sources of gluten

Gluten Free Vegetables List

Vegetables ( A to L ) Vegetables ( M to Z )
Artichoke Melons
Asparagus Mushrooms
Aubergene Okra
Beans Onions
Beet Pak Choi
Broccoli Parsnips
Brussels Peas
sprouts Peppers
Cabbage Potatoes
Carrot Pumpkins
Cauliflower Radicchio
Celeriac Radish
Celery Rhubarb
Chard Rutabaga
Chicory Shallots
Collards Spinach
Corn Squash
Cress Swede
Cucumbers Sweetcorn
Gourds Sweet
Jerusalem potato
Artichoke Tomatoes
Kales Turnips
Kohlrabi Watercress
Leek Watermelon
Lettuce Yams