10 Incredible Green Coffee Beans Benefits (Dosage, uses, & prep)

Green coffee beans went popular since Doctor OZ talked about their weight loss proprieties in his show.

However, did you know that besides that, modern medicine supports that green coffee beans' benefits are numerous for your health?

In this post, we will go over each benefit of green coffee beans, proven by science, so if you want to know more about these astonishing grains, you've come to the right place.

Table of contents: Green coffee Beans Benefits

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  2. Side effects |
  3. Dosage |
  4. Green Vs Black |
  5. Preparation |
  6. Bottom line |

Green coffee beans benefits

Green coffee beans benefits

According to recent studies, Green coffee beans may have the following benefits on health:

  1. Help lose weight
  2. Appetite control
  3. Natural fat burner
  4. Help to treat Obesity
  5. Lower blood sugar
  6. Lower blood pressure
  7. Antioxidant-rich
  8. Anti-cancer properties
  9. Boost energy and Brain stimulant
  10. Mood improvement 

In the following sections, we're going to discuss in detail each of the green coffee beans benefits.

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Green coffee beans help lose Weight

A study conducted in the medical university of Exeter compared the results of 3 clinical trials in which different groups of individuals were given a daily dose of green coffee beans extract.

For the three trials, the result was the same. Scientists observed that a daily intake of green coffee beans extract helps to reduce the weight of test subjects.
The table below shows the average weight reduction observed in each of the three clinical trials as well as other details.

Effect of Green coffee beans on weight loss: trials results
Clinical Trial Author Dose Trial Duration Average weight loss
Ayton Res 180 mg daily 4 weeks 4.76 lbs
Thom 2007 200 mg daily 12 weeks 11.90 lbs
Dellalibera 200 mg daily 12 weeks 10.95 lbs

For this reason, many weight loss supplement manufacturers start adding this compound in their products.

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In the two next sections, we're going to see how exactly green coffee beans act on the body to reduce weight.

Study on the effect of green coffee beans on weight.

Grains coffee beans help control appetite.

To study the influence of greens coffee beans on hunger. The Faculty of Nutrition Sciences and Food conducted a randomized clinical trial. They gave a dose of 400 mg, twice a day, of green coffee beans extract to patients suffering from metabolic disorders and hunger control problems.

To evaluate the impact of green coffee extract supplementation, Doctors placed another group of patients (placebo group) suffering from the same disorders on the same diet as the first group but with no green coffee supplementation.

After 8 weeks of treatments, doctors noticed both a reduction of appetite level patients and a reduction of their BMI (body mass index) among the patients who were taking green coffee extract.

Impact of green coffee beans on appetite

Green Coffee Beans are a Fat Burner

Green coffee beans help burn stored fat.

During a study conducted by Italian researchers on how green coffee bean acts on the metabolic process of burning fat, they administrated a dose of 200 mg daily of green coffee extract, to patients suffering from overweight for 14 days with no particular change in their diet.

At the end of the experiment, they found that the body fat percentage of those patients decreased by 1%, which is a huge drop considering the period.

Scientists responsible for this study think that is the caffeine and chlorogenic acid, which are 2 compounds found abundantly in green coffee beans, that cause this effect on the fat mass of the body.

Impact of green coffee extract on fat accumulation

Green coffee may help to treat Obesity

A study published in the Phytomedicine journal in October 2019, stated that the weight loss reduction properties of green coffee beans are more efficient on people suffering from overweight and obesity (BMI higher than 25)

The study examined the results of 13 clinical trials conducted by different medical institutions and found that the weight reduction due to green coffee extract supplementation gave significantly better result among patient suffering from obesity compared to patients with a standard weight (BMI between 18 and 25)

Green coffee effect on obesity

Green coffee and diabetes

According to a study conducted on the effect of green coffee supplementation and diabetes published in 2019, a daily intake of 400 mg or less of green coffee beans extract help reduce blood sugar level.

There wasn't a significant change in insulin resistance for patients with that dosage.

However, with a dosage higher than 400 mg per day, doctors noticed an improvement in insulin resistance.

Impact of green coffee on blood glucose

Green coffee and blood pressure regulation

To prove that green coffee beans extract reduces arterial pressure, scientists mobilized 117 volunteers suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension).
Scientists divided the volunteers into four groups and gave each group a daily dose of green coffee extract for 28 days.

The exact dosage of green coffee beans extract was the following:

  1. Group 1 daily dosage: 46 mg,
  2. Group 1 daily dosage: 93 mg,
  3. Group 1 daily dosage: 185 mg
  4. Group 4 daily dosage: 0 mg (placebo group)

After 28 days of treatment, doctors noticed a decrease in arterial pressure for groups 1,2, and 3. The results were the following:

  1. Group 1: a decrease of −3.2±4.6 mmHg,
  2. Group 2: a decrease of −4.7±4.5 mmHg
  3. Group 3: a decrease of 5.6±4.2 mmHg
  4. Group 4: No significant changes

Study of Green Coffee Bean Extract on Subjects suffering from hypertension

Green coffee antioxidant Potential

Studies have demonstrated that green coffee beans are antioxidants rich.
Antioxidants are compounds found in foods that limit the impact of oxidative stress due to free radicals actions in the body.

Oxidative stress might be a source of serval health issues like heart disease, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer.
Therefore, having an antioxidant-rich diet is very important to help to prevent serious health problems.

Antioxidant potential in green coffee beans

Green coffee beans have anticancer properties

Since green coffee beans are antioxidant-rich, regular consumption of it will surely help to reduce the risks related to the development of cancer.
Not only that, but recent research also found that the Chlorogenic acid, present in green coffee, has anti-cancer properties.

During an experiment conducted in 2017, scientists tested the effect of chlorogenic acid (CGA7) on cultured colon cancer cells. The result was that CGA7 caused the death of these cancer cells.

Anti-cancer properties of green coffee beans

Green Coffee Beans Boost energy

Green coffee beans increase energy level

Green coffee beans contain caffeine, which is known to enhance the physical capabilities of individuals but also their concentration.

A study conducted on the effect of caffeine in the body found that just a little time after ingestion (30 to 60 mins), caffeine increases the energy level of the body Caffeine is one of the main ingredients of energy drinks.

Green coffee beans can be used as a pre-workout to get better performances during your trainings.

Caffeine enhance the body performances

Green coffee beans improve mood

Besides acting as a physical and cognitive enhancer, studies found that the caffeine in green coffee beans is responsible for mood improvement.

Effect of caffeine on human mood

Green coffee beans side effects

Depending on your daily intake, green coffee bean may cause bone reduction, addiction to caffeine, insomnia, diarrhea.
people with arterial issues might see their blood pressure increase due to caffeine

In a study to evaluate the effect of a high consumption of green coffee beans, scientists gave rats a daily dose of 1mg per 100 g of body weight for 2 months.

At the end of the experiments, they observed a significant decrease in calcium in the bone.

However, keep in mind that 1mg per 100 g is a very high dosage.
To give you an order of magnitude, if we decide to conduct the same experiment on a 70 kg (140 lbs) human, we would need to give him or her a daily dose of 700 mg.

Other potential side effects of green coffee are related to caffeine.

As you probably know, caffeine is a brain stimulant. Therefore, some persons might develop a form of addiction to this substance.

Caffeine also might cause other side effects, such as insomnia or Diarrhea.
People suffering from high blood pressure should talk to their doctor before taking green coffee beans extract or supplements.

Side effects of green coffee intake

Green coffee beans Dosage

The dosage of green coffee beans extract depends on various factors such as age, weight, and medical history.
However, In the vast majority of clinical trials and studies, we've reviewed regarding the use of green coffee beans or green coffee extract, the dosage ranged from 150 mg and 400 mg per day, none of them mentioned any side effects on subjects participating in them.

A dosage higher than 10 mg per 1 kg of body weight was found harmful, especially to the bones.

We couldn't find enough evidence regarding the use of green coffee extract during pregnancy and childhood.

Green Coffee VS Black Coffee

Green coffee Vs Black coffee

Green coffee beans refer to unroasted coffee beans. The taste of black coffee beans comes from the roasting process. You might think that black coffee beans hold the same benefits for health as green coffee beans.

However, studies found that the roasting process of coffee grains decreases its nutritional value and destroy some benefic compounds present in them.

The first primary difference between black coffee and green coffee beans is that the roasting process alters the protein profile in green coffee beans. Which gives black and green beans a different taste.
The second difference is that the roasting process destroys partially antioxidants and the Chlorogenic acids present naturally in green beans. This process also increases the amount of caffeine present in unroasted coffee beans. So consuming black coffee won't be as beneficial as green coffee beans.

Protein profiles of coffee beans
Differences between black and green coffee beans

Green coffee beans preparation

Green coffee beans preparation takes some time if you want to save your time you can get simply green coffee beans supplements.

But if you want to prepare it your self here are the steps:

  1. Put the green coffee beans in a grinder or a blender and start grinding them until they turn to a powder, green coffee beans are harder than black coffee beans, so don't expect to have a perfect powder;
  2. Put the green coffee beans powder in a cup and start pouring hot water on it ( Ideally, water should be at 90°C / 363K);
  3. Leave it for at least 10 minutes, then filter it;
  4. Enjoy your drink, you can ad canella to give it a better taste, honey is also an option, but I wouldn't recommend it if your goal by this is to lose weight.

Bottom line

Green coffee beans are a miracle of nature, they can be helpful if you're starting a weight loss diet, but not only that, thanks to bio compounds found in these beans, it can help you regulate your blood sugar and arterial pressure, you can also use it as pre-workout or even as brain stimulant during a period of exams.

However, is you chose to take green coffee beans extract supplements keep the dosage under 400 mg to avoid unwanted side effects.

Thank you for reading, we hope you found our content helpful. If it's the case, it will mean a lot to us if you share this post with your family and friends.

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