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Gout foods to avoid / Gout foods to eat List

For individuals managing gout, understanding the purine content in food is crucial, as purines can contribute to elevated uric acid levels. Uric acid, when accumulated in the body, may lead to painful gout attacks. In this color-coded legend, we highlight the purine content of foods using red, orange, and green. The more purine there is in a food (indicated by red), the more harmful it can be for people with gout. High-purine foods should be avoided, while moderate-purine foods should be consumed in moderation, and low-purine foods pose minimal risk. This guide aims to assist individuals in making informed dietary choices to better manage gout symptoms and maintain overall health.

Gout  Food List

Color Legend of the list Purine Content Recommendation for Gout
Red Over 150 mg per 100g Avoid for individuals with gout
Orange 50-150 mg per 100g Limit intake, especially for individuals with gout (2-3 times a week)
Green Under 50 mg per 100g Safe for regular consumption for individuals with gout

For easy access, you can download this Gout Foods list here.
Food Purine Content (mg per 100g)
Liver (beef) 350-1000
Kidneys (pork) 350-1000
Sweetbreads 350-1000
Anchovies 300-600
Mackerel 300-600
Sardines 300-600
Herring 300-600
Venison 150-350
Game Birds 150-350
Bouillon Varies under 150
Shrimp 50-150
Lobster 50-150
Crab 50-150
Beef 50-150
Pork 50-150
Lamb 50-150
Chicken 50-150
Turkey 50-150
Squid 50-150
Octopus 50-150
Oysters 50-150
Mussels 50-150
Scallops 50-150
Salmon 50-150
Trout 50-150
Tuna 50-150
Cod 50-150
Halibut 50-150
Perch 50-150
Carp 50-150
Squash 50-150
Artichokes 50-100
Asparagus 50-100
Spinach 50-100
Mushrooms 50-100
Cauliflower 50-100
Oats 50-100
Wheat germ 50-100
Bran cereals 50-100
Rice Under 50
Pasta Under 50
Bread (white, whole wheat) Under 50
Potatoes Under 50
Bell peppers Under 50
Cabbage Under 50
Carrots Under 50
Cucumber Under 50
Lettuce Under 50
Tomatoes Under 50
Zucchini Under 50
Eggs Under 50
Milk Under 50
Yogurt Under 50
Cheese (low-fat) Under 50
Butter Under 50
Olive oil Under 50
Coffee Under 50
Tea Under 50
Herbal tea Under 50
Water Under 50
Non-alcoholic beer Under 50

For a better understanding of managing gout through diet, consider checking out our detailed guide. We've curated a 7-Day Gout Diet Plan that provides a sample diet to help you make informed food choices and maintain a gout-friendly lifestyle. Access the plan and explore a variety of delicious and gout-conscious meal options. You can find the 7-Day Gout Diet Plan here.

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