Trimtone Review - Natural Fat Burner - Benefits and side effects

Trimtone, a recently developed fat burner, asserts its ability to expedite weight loss.

As per the manufacturer's description, Trimtone is characterized as a natural fat burner with three primary attributes:

  1. It increases the burning rate of calories in the body by boosting your metabolism
  2. It helps you control your appetite
  3. It increases your energy level
Table of contents: Trimtone Review
Trimtone Review

Within this review, we will ascertain the legitimacy of the Trimtone brand and scrutinize its ingredients to determine whether there exists scientific substantiation or studies corroborating the manufacturer's assertions regarding this product.

Furthermore, we will assess the general customer satisfaction derived from utilizing Trimtone. Finally, we will compare Trimtone's attributes and pricing with others fat-burning supplements.


Trimtone comprises fat burner capsules designed to accelerate weight loss by promoting a heightened metabolism, thus increasing the rate at which calories are burned.

What is Trimtone

Trimtone is not a miraculous solution; it won't lead to weight loss if paired with a diet of junk food and an unhealthy routine. In reality, no supplement can facilitate weight loss devoid of personal endeavor. Achieving noticeable outcomes necessitates a mindful diet and the embrace of a healthier lifestyle.

Regard Trimtone as a companion during your dieting journey. It will aid you in accomplishing the following:

  1. Accelerate your metabolism to burn fat faster
  2. Control your appetite
  3. Make you feel more energized 

Trimtone users rating

Using reviews gathered from various websites, we have compiled a concise overview of public sentiments regarding this supplement.

Trimtone was rated based on its capacity to:

  1. Suppress hunger
  2. Boost energy level
  3. Burn fat
Users Rating

4.3 average based on 262 reviews.

5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star

Overall, Trimtone users are satisfied with their results.

More Info on Trimtone Website

Is Trimtone legit?

Trimtone is produced by a company named Swiss research lab limited.
We've checked out the registrar of companies and verified that it's a legit company.

It's necessary to make these verifications. You have to make sure that the website you want to buy a product from, have a legal structure, offices, address, and that it'is not just another scammy website on the internet that no one stands behind.

The bottom word Trimtone is a legit brand. You can access all the Company legal information by checking out the link below.

Trimtone Legal Info

Swiss research lab legal info

Does Trimtone have a refund policy

Trimtone has a refund policy. If you're unsatisfied with their product you can ask to be refunded by contacting their customer's support within the 100 days following your purchase.

For more info visit Trimtone Refund policy

Trimtone ingredients

Now that we know that Trimtone is produced by a legit company. Let's look at what it is made of.

Trimtone ingredients

Trimtone ingredients are:

  1. Green coffee
  2. Green tea
  3. Caffeine
  4. Glucomannan
  5. Graines of paradise

Each of these ingredients is known to help actively in weight loss and fat burning. We will see in the following sections how is that in detail. So keep reading

Green coffee extract

Trimtone contains green coffee extract (GCE), Green coffee refers simply to grains of coffee that haven't been roasted. The vast majority of the brown coffee grains found in the stores are roasted, and this is what gives the coffee its taste.

Green coffee extract

However, Due to the roasting process, green coffee grains lose many active compounds and micronutrients such as chlorogenic acid.

A long term study conducted on the effect of the chlorogenic acid has shown that this agent extracted from green coffee help both with weight loss and blood pressure regulation.

Another clinical trial conducted on a group of middle-aged persons showed that the consumption of green coffee extract promotes weight loss.

Green tea

Besides green coffee, Trimtone contains green tea.

Green tea is a natural fat burner. People in Asian countries consume it in large quantities. This fact might explain why the average body mass index (BMI) in Asian countries is much lower than in occidental countries.

Green Tea

One of the active agents contained in the green tea is Catechins, also called EGCG.

According to a study on the effect of catechins, a daily intake of Catechins trough the consumption of green tea helps both with weight loss and weight maintenance.

Green tea also is packed with antioxidants that have anti-cancer properties by limiting free radicals in the body.

Including green tea in Trimtone is a plus for this weight loss supplement.


Caffeine is the third ingredient of trimtone, so let's go over its properties.

The first main advantage of including caffeine in Trimtone is that caffeine highly boosts your endurance and your energy level. Which will help you train more and therefore burn more calories and lose weight faster?


Caffeine also increases testosterone levels for men, which promotes muscle building and in overall a better health.

A clinical trial conducted on a group of women showed that a daily intake of caffeine is very efficient in preventing weight gain and suppressing hunger.

Caffeine helps both in enhancing the mental and physical capabilities of individuals but also helps directly in burning fat by helping in weight maintenance.


Glucomannan is the fourth ingredient of Trimtone.


Glucomannan is a natural dietary fiber extracted from Amorphophallus paeoniifolius, also called elephant foot yam, which is a plant present in some Asian countries. a study conduct on the effect of Glucommanan showed that this compound has serval benefic effects on the health such as:

  1. reduce blood sugar level
  2. Reduction of blood pressure
  3. promoting weight loss

A medical review on the effect of Glucomannan based treatments on obesity assumes that a regular intake of this compound helps to reduce the weight of obese persons.

Grains of paradise

Last but not least. Grains of paradise are the last ingredient of Trimtone we're going to review.

Grains of paradise are seeds from the ginger family. People also use them in cooking as spices.

In the last decade, scientists conducted in-depth studies about this seed because they suspect it to have benefic properties on the human body.

One study about grains of paradise demonstrated that a daily intake of it increases the energy level in the body and improves endurance, which definitely will help to make training more convenient and will give you tonus during your day.

In addition to that, a substance found in grains of paradise called capsaicin helps with both weight loss and weight maintenance. You can find this substance also in other spices like chili pepper.

Trimtone contains powerful ingredients that can help you lose weight faster, but also enhance your mental and body capabilities. Now that we know all about Trimtone ingredients. Let's go over the possible side effects of this supplement.

Trimtone possible side effects

Trimtone ingredients are natural. However, they might provoke some side effects.

First, you need to know that some of the ingredients of Trimtone aren't suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding. So avoid it if it's your case or talk about it with your doctor.

Trimtone Ingredients Possible side effect:

  1. Trimtone contains caffeine. Caffeine is a brain stimulant so if you're not used to it, caffeine may cause you insomnia, caffeine is contraindicated for people with high blood pressure. some studies show that some people may develop a form of addiction to this compound if you take it for a long period. 
  2. Grains of paradise: There no known side effect related to the consumption of grains paradise. 
  3. The extended consumption Glucomannan may cause digestive problems. 
  4. Glucomannan has hypoglycemic effects, meaning it helps reduce blood sugar levels. However, this propriety may be dangerous for persons suffering from diabetes. 

Trimtone pricing and shipping

1 Bottle of Trimtone contains 30 pills (1 pill per day), there are 3 offers available on their website:

  1. 1 Trimtone Bottle costs 49,95$ 1 month supply
  2. 3 Trimtone bottles costs 99,90 $ 3 months supply
  3. 5 Trimtone Bottles costs 149,90 $ 5 months supply
Trimtone Pricing

You can only buy Trimtone on its official website.

There are often special offers on their website.

Check Best Price on Trimtone website

There are no shipping fees, no matter what offers you pick, Trimtone can be shipped worldwide, however, the delivery time depends on your location:

  1. USA: 3-7  days 
  2. Europe: 3-20  days 
  3. Everywhere else: 5-15  days

Trimtone Recommended dosage 

Trimtone recommended dosage is 1 pill per day, However, since Trimtone contains caffeine which is a brain stimulant, it's better to take it in the morning or midday. If you take it in the evening it may cause you insomnia.

But if you want to make it to the best use of it, you should take it 1h hour before your training to really get the best of its stimulating properties.

Trimtone and other fat burners comparison

Trimtone Competitor comparison: Pricing

Trimtone Competitor comparison: Pricing
Brand Trimtone Leanbean Hourglass fit
Price 49,9 $ 59,9 $ 55,00 $
Free Shipping Worldwide YES NO NO
Money-back guaranty 100 DAYS 90 DAYS 90 DAYS

As shown in the table above, Trimtone is one of the most affordable fat burners available in the market.

Trimtone Competitor comparison: Ingredients

Brand Trimtone Leanbean Hourglass fit
Caffeine 120 mg NO NO
Green Coffee Extract 100 mg 50 NO
Green Tea 100 mg NO NO
Glucomannan 100 mg 3000 mg 3000 mg
Grains of paradise 40 mg NO NO
Vitamin B derivative NO 1,7 g 1,7 g

while Trimtone relies on different ingredients to helps you burn fat faster, its competitors rely heavily on Glucomannan. Still, excessive consumption of Glucomannan may cause health problems.

Besides, Trimtone's competitors include vitamin B derivatives in the ingredients of their products. According to research, high vitamin B intake favors obesity and promotes weight gain!!

Objectively, Trimtone is one of the best weight loss supplements available.

Visit Trimtone official website

Bottom line

When it comes to fat burners and weight loss supplements, I'm skeptical. Though, I'm convinced that Trimtone can help you burn unwanted fat faster. The composition of this supplement is genuine.

It contains only natural ingredients that proved by scientific evidence to have weight loss properties, which help you enhance your physical and mental capabilities.

In Addition, Trimtone ingredients have serval benefic effects on health such as:

  1. Reducing Cholesterol
  2. Reducing blood pressure
  3. Enhancing physical and mental capabilities

If you're considering buying a fat burner, we definitely recommend trimtone

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